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For those who watch plenty of DIY television, the use of barn doors as part of interior design comes as no surprise. But, in case you weren’t aware, home decor using sliding barn doors is hot right now—and it doesn’t look like this trend is going away anytime soon. Here are 10 fun and simple ways you can use interior sliding barn doors in your home.

Exchange your bedroom door for a sliding barn door

Installed quickly and easily on tracks that attach to an existing door frame's rough opening, sliding barn doors make for exceptional interior design to separate the master suite from the rest of the house. You can finish or paint your barn door any colour you like to add the rustic, mid century, modern, or ultra-modern feel you’re looking for.

Install a smaller barn door for guest or master suite bedrooms

Using a smaller barn door (2’6″ wide or less) you can totally transform the look of your bathroom’s entryway. Finish the door any way you like; you can even add texture or additional embellishments to the interior and exterior sides of the bathroom barn door to make it obvious there’s a bathroom on the other side. To keep the look consistent, you can use re-purposed wood for bathroom counter-tops, door casing, or nearby wall-mounted items, such as shelving.

Double sliding barn doors to separate the kitchen from the TV room

By installing larger, double sliding barn doors to the area between your TV room and kitchen, you’ll have the separation you need between these two noisy areas when you want it. Then, when you want to open the space up during parties or family events, simply slide the barn doors wide open on their tracks. It’s the perfect solution for keeping out the sounds of noisy kitchen prep or a loud TV when you’re trying to focus on mealtime.

Sliding barn doors for your man cave or she shed

Add a little ambience to the exterior of your man cave or she shed by installing a sliding barn door instead of an everyday wood or fibreglass interior door. You can slide the barn door open and leave it that way, or shut it—and with the application of some wrought iron locking hardware, you can ensure your privacy won’t be disturbed by anyone outside of your sacred space.

Use sliding barn doors with a contemporary flair to section off children’s playrooms

If you have an open play area for your young kids, consider using a sliding barn door with a more modern look to section this area off. The beauty of this is that the doors cannot be locked from the inside, so kids won’t get trapped inside, and anytime you want to keep an eye—or ear—out on what’s happening in the playroom, simply keep the barn doors closed. This is an excellent way to partition off messy toys that clutter up the rest of the house; when guests come over, all they’ll see is your beautiful sliding barn door—not the messy toy room on the other side. 


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