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Like the little black dress, black hardware is timeless, it goes with

everything and is modern yet classy.

There are few interiors schemes that cannot be complemented by black handles, knobs and taps. It’s all in the contrast. Think pretty pink tiles paired with bold black bathroom taps. Traditional olive green kitchen cupboards are given a modern twist with sleek black knobs.

Monochrome white cupboards with black hardware are clean and crisp.

Black on black effortlessly chic.

Choose Matte Black over glossy for understated elegance. Even swapping small details like knobs will make a huge difference. Choosing black hardware across the whole scheme will create balance and continuity.

Dark kitchens were a huge in 2020 and the trend is set to continue.

Dark doesn’t necessarily mean black, it could also be dark green, navy or grey. Classic Blue was revealed as the Pantone Colour of the Year in 2020 and is hailed as the new neutral.

Going dark might feel scary, but you’ll be amazed at the warmth and depth these details create.

Black isn’t just a style statement, it’s incredibly practical too.

Coupled with ergonomic design, tactile handle effects are incredibly pleasing. Our best selling Knurled handle range has a modern, industrial vibe.

It’s the design details and layering that bring a scheme to life.

You’ll never be disappointed when choosing black hardware as it will stand the test of time.

Sawyers of England have sourced and curated a collection of super stylish handles so that you don’t have to.


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