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CREATIVE TILING IDEAS Top Trends heading into 2021

Tile trends of 2020 included colour pops and quirky shapes....move over 2020 and make way for 2021: the year of laying tiles in all directions. Think herringbone, hexagon, installing on the diagonal, combining colour and pattern, mixing wood and tile, stars and geometric designs from handmade to metallic. Just don’t be boring and hang them straight.

Splashbacks that steal the show

Stay clear of design clichés and be bold. Kitchen designer Jessica Sawyer, founder of Sawyers of England suggests, “Be brave, go for something a bit different - you can always change it later.” Whatever your personal aesthetic, our carefully curated collection will have something to offer from clean and contemporary to period property decorative.

Bathroom Drama

Gone are the days of square and even metro tiles – these days no self-respecting interiors aficionado would be seen dead without a statement bathroom and a mix of tiles. The neutral limestones, travertine and marble stalwarts that dominated for so long were thankfully replaced this year by decorative statements and that trend will go one further in 2021. Ever thought about laying your tiles in patterns, diagonals or in geometric shapes? Employ an experienced tiler and watch the design come together

Make room for the floor tile

Going for the modern rustic farmhouse style? Look no further than the terracotta herringbone effect at a fraction of the price, achieved by using the Avebury ceramic tile (see below). Homely, heartwarming earth tones have been very popular this year and this trend is likely to stick around.

Looking for a modern design statement? Go for the ‘Piazza’ encaustic tile with a lovely reflective quality that’s not too overbearing. Bold, decorative options include the geometric Brompton porcelain tile in colourway ‘Kew’, also available in classic monochrome ‘Borough’ and ‘Kensington’.

Make an entrance

Often hallways, which are simply passed through, are forgotten and under-utilised. If you’re a nervous decorator, then start with your hallway! It’s the one place where you can be really brave and add some colour or pattern. If you are not a natural maximalist, laying tiles in a muted colour scheme adds texture and interest, combined with deep skirting boards, antique kilims or modern rugs it becomes contemporary country.

There is no real need to spend a fortune on handmade terracotta tiles when there are so many faux options on the market including our Avebury tile. Our range of decorative Cheltenham and Brompton porcelain tiles are a nod to Victorian and Edwardian designs and fit perfectly into a period hallway scheme.

Cloakroom Style

Don’t forget about your cloakroom! Small rooms fare much better with bright and bold colours, including creative tiling. Don’t try and make your cloakroom look bigger, just fill it with jewel colours and interesting design. Geometric patterns are a great way to channel some fun, as well as vertical stacked or diagonal herringbone. Metal and mirrored finishes, clashing or contrasting colours with the odd brightly coloured tile to break up a monochrome look. Fan-shaped or fish scale are having a moment as a shapely antidote to square and rectangular – try our Atlantis tile in jewel colours such as Emerald, Ultramarine and Navy.

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