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It’s time to dust off your books and clean the clutter from your desk! Everyone needs their own beautiful space to get down to business. Make your office space work for you with clean, modern designs that help you clear your mind as well as your desk to focus your energy on doing your best work.

We’ve gathered some of the best home offices that take the work out of working from home:

WHO: Anaha | Fall_in_design

WHERE: St Petersburg, Russia

TIP: Add some flair to inspire you

We’ve got a crush on this home office! The blush pink wall panelling paired with the quirky desk and gold accents is the perfect combination to create an inspiring space.

This designer-esq space has been created by Russian Designer, Anaha and we think the space is so fabulous it actually inspires you to want to do your work. Fancy that!

The pair of hanging gold pendant lights are bringing a cool vibe along with the simple line drawn art makes the whole scheme come together to create a cool and inspiring place to work.

WHO: Athena Calderone | Eyeswoon

WHERE: Brooklyn, New York

TIP: Get comfy & inspired

This office is a little bit different, its full of inspiration, textures and layering.

One of the biggest things you will notice is that Athena's desk is more like a table. Not everyone is cut out for the traditional desk space, so mix it up and try different places, tables & even comfy chairs. We also love the wall mounted mood-boards. This would be a great place for your life goals.


WHO: Laura Hammett Interiors WHERE: Kensington, London

TIP: Natural light helps with motivation

The ultimate in luxury interior decor! The floral features and light colours draw femininity into the space, while the gold metal accents add warmth and style.

We love the floor skimming curtains dressing the large period sash window.

Placing your desk near a large window will help you to feel inspired throughout the day.

The result is a fun space full of harmony and creativity.


WHERE: Birmingham, England

TIP: Size isn't everything & use plants

What an amazing job Laura has done using this little nook as a home office space.

Where do I start, everything about this micro office is spot on, from the practical and organised storage to the uplifting accessories this space has it all.

Although it is small in size, it is big on practically with organised shelves, storage drawers for stationary and a peg note board.

There is a lovely amount of light coming through the velux window for the daytime as well as a handy reading light when the sun sets.

Laura has cleverly included not one, but two house plants helps to keep her awake and uplifted. House plants produce oxygen which helps to purify the air.


WHO: Tara Wokulski | Coco Camillia

WHERE: Melbourne, Australia

TIP: Tidy house, tidy mind

This beautiful desk space in Tara's home is sleek, simplistic and perfectly formed. Talk about ticking all the boxes for a calm and collected vibe!

Tara has used a pale and calm colour palette and accessorised with natural wood materials and flowers which creates a serene working space.

If you are using a desk area that is multi-use, for example, a dressing table and a work desk, the key to serenity is to be tidy. De-clutter all of the items you use and store them somewhere else each night. Although this may seem like an extra chore it really helps to keep a clear mind.

'Tidy house, tidy mind' as the saying goes.


These practical spaces are perfect for being productive, inspired and motivated to do your work from home.

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