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Tiles have the ability to completely transform a room and give it a different look and feel. However, with so many different types of tiles it can be very challenging to know which ones to choose. Here at Sawyers of England all of our tiles are hand-picked by our company Director Jessica. Our tile range includes; mosaic, metro and decorative tiles. Each different type of tile can help create the perfect feature in your room and add that all important statement. Mosaic Tiles A mosaic tile can be made from lots of different types of materials. Small pieces of these materials are then fitted together and held in place. Mosaic tiles are used to produce a creative piece of work and add a main feature, resembling a piece of art.

The Yoga penny mosaic tile shown in teal makes a beautiful feature on this vanity wall as a splashback.

Our Yoga Penny Mosaic tiles have a raku effect on the glaze giving it extra style and statements. Mosaic tiles look stylish wherever you place them, and are popular in kitchens, bathrooms and living space walls.

Metro Tiles

Metro tiles are a very popular type, and one that has been around for many years. We often see metro tiles in public places and in many buildings. Metro tiles are now being used to provide a stunning vintage yet stylish appearance. Metro tiles come in a large range of colours and finishes, making sure that there is something for everyone, and something for every room!

These Carter metro in pink are just dreamy as shower wall tiles.

Metro tiles are also available in a range of different materials, such as the carter ceramic tile above. In recent years designers are becoming more inventive with these tiles, and create unique patterns. The chevron style is one that is becoming increasingly popular, and provides a different but sleek look.

Decorative Tiles Decorative tiles are a great way to spruce up any wall. They come in a large range of different colours, shapes and materials. The tiles can be designed and laid out to provide a number of different looks, adding the feeling and style the individual desires.

The Neapolitan zigzag design wall tiles are perfect as kitchen splashback tiles.

Our Neapolitan Porcelain tiles are full of Italian flavour, and come in many beautiful pastel colours. These tiles are incredibly hardwearing, so are perfect in hallways, kitchens and bathrooms. These tiles are also multi-purpose so can be used on both the walls and floors. These decorative tiles can be laid vertical, diagonal, chequerboard style or even zig zag herringbone. We offer many different types of tiles, ensuring that there is always something for everyone! Take a look at our beautiful range of tiles, if you have any questions or need help choosing which are the best option for you, please get in touch!


Interior Design


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